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MNA Engineering Ltd
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in Scarborough,
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Quality Verification Engineering

  • Pile driving monitoring, foundation inspection, frost taper, excavation and back filling.
  • Reinforcement steel placement and review of shop drawings.
  • Roadway Protection.
  • False work and formwork.
  • Bearing Pads.
  • Expansion joints.
  • Demolition of structures

QA/QC Testing and Inspection of Construction Materials

  • Testing of aggregates, bitumen and reclaimed asphalt materials.
  • Asphaltic concrete mix design, specialized mixes.
  • Quality control.
  • Failure analysis.
  • Asphalt storage bin certification.
  • Design and quality control of hot/cold asphalt mix.
  • Water proofing systems.
  • Condition Survey and Analysis of existing roof membrane, failure analysis.
  • Evaluation of proposed roofing system (conventional / inverted roofing: built-up bituminous roofing,modified bitumen and single ply systems, EPDM, PVC etc.)
  • Re-roofing and restoration proposal.
  • Below grade waterproofing design (cold applied, hot applied, pre-formed sheet and bentonite)
  • Laboratory testing of roof membranes and waterproofing materials.
  • Field testing of concrete for air, slump and casting of specimens for compressive, flexural and splitting t tensile strength etc.
  • Laboratory testing of specimens for compressive, flexural and splitting tensile strength etc.
  • Coring and testing on hardened concrete for compressive strength, air voids, RCP etc.

Other Professional Engineering Services

  • Geotechnical Investigation for development projects.
  • Geotechnical investigation and Pavement design.
  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessment.
  • Phase II Environmental Site Assessment.
  • Record of site condition.
  • Site Remediation and decomissioning.
  • Site servicing.
  • Transportation study for new development projects.
  • Building Science
  • Architectural and Engineering services for residential and commercial development.
  • Subsoil investigation and consultation.
  • Soil and rock anchor installation, proof load testing.
  • Inspection of pile driving.
  • Load tests on piles and caissons.
  • Geotechnical laboratory services.
  • Condition survey of reinforced concrete structures including parking garages and high rise buildings.
  • Pre-construction condition survey.

Project and Construction Management

  • Project Management and Construction management of:
  • Residential construction projects.
  • Commercial Construction Projects.
  • Infrastructe based construction projects.
  • Preparation of contract documents.
  • All other associated services.